Girona University

The University of Girona contacted PRiSE to deploy a Single Sign-On in its system.

This Single Sign-On should connect whith the Red SARA of the Ministerio de la Presidencia and to deploy Google Apps in the university.

The Single Sign-On software deployed was adAS because that way it would be almost transparent the migration of the university's architecture. adAS also covered the following requirements:

  • Google Apps and SIR Federetion support
  • DNIe authentication through Trusted X
  • Compatibility with high availability
  • Compatibility with .NET and Java applications, and with other applications like Moodle
  • Mobile devices authentication
  • Interoperability with Microsoft technologies like SQL Server or Active Directoy

Inside the University of Girona existed a custom software that had some capabilities of Single Sign-On. It was required that adAS was compatible with this own system. PRiSE developed a specific connector in order to make a progressive adaptation of the applications to the Single Sign-On.

Now the system makes around 40.000 authentications/day, having all their applications inside the Single Sign-On.

Link to the presentation of the UdG's SSO at the Identity Forum of RedIRIS