As its identity mark, PRiSE invest and support the constant evolution. Because of that, it have got an R+D laboratory, where it is possible to experiment and develop new digital identity, privacy and data protection technological trends.

This fact allows PRiSE to be in the forefront of the market, developing innovative products. This products had been part of R+D projects such as the innovation of the authentication methods of several spanish universities, develop of specific connectors between applications and the Single Sign-On, or the implementation of a Security Token Service for the spanish public administration that translates the digital identity concept from the users (the people) to the applications.

In order to meet this investigation challenges, development and continuous innovation, PRiSE invest a 30% of its annual income in in the execution of R+D projects.

Of this laboratory, PRiSE has obtained huge benefits and various products and services. Some of them are:

  • adAS, as a software product for the deployment of a Single Sign-On.
  • Connector to include the OCU applications for university management inside the Single Sign-On environment provided by adAS.
  • VirDAP, a Virtual Direcotry fast and versatile.
  • deBiblio, providing a cloud environment to deploy and manage a virtual library.