The most outstanding Other products of PRiSE

adAS is an Advanced Authentication Server that works as an Identity Provider and has got an integrated management tool for its configuration backend. This interface makes easier the configuration and management of the Single Sign-On.

deBiblio offers a new way to access databases and journals for virtual libraries. PRiSE leads to the cloud the management and access to our resources, providing more stability and allowing a versatile access control, not just restricted by our users IP address.

VirDAP is an Advanced Virtual Directory that allows to interact with it through LDAP technology operating with several data sources such as LDAP, Active Directory, Databases or an XML text file.


OpenPAPI module for DSpace   [+]


PAPI integration in the Tomcat security architecture  [+]


A J2EE Filter implementing the PAPI protocol  [+]


OpenSSO wrapper for PAPI  [+]


PAPI module for the interoperation of a CAS server with PAPI  [+]


Lightweight PAPI GPoA in PHP  [+]


Lightweight PAPI PoA in PHP  [+]


icGPoA in PHP for PAPI environments  [+]

SAML 2 service provider for .NET  [+]