PRiSE deploys and develop management of digital identity processes

The management of the digital identity includes the processes and technologies required for the management of the stored user's information, the control of the access based on the roles and groups defined and the authentication and authorization processes in the organization technological infrastructure, among others. The main goal of the digital identity management is the improvement of the security and productivity of the organization.

The traditional model of the digital identity provides information about the identities that exist in an organization and which attributes are defined. Based on this information, different identity profiles will be defined, describing its roles or groups and which are its privileges. It is important define who, when and under which conditions would be possible to work with the digital identity of the organization.

Therefore, the services provided by PRiSE related to the Digital Identity Management cover all of its relevant aspects:

  • Identity governance in organizations:  Design and implementation of the Digital Identity Lifecycle (Model, Planification and documentation, policy generation and implementation, etc.)

  • Architecture:  Analysis, design and implantation of an identity management architecture (IMA) in the organizations

  • Corporate data model:  defining the proceedings that are related to User provision, role definition, data audit and normalization, etc.