Salamanca University

The University of Salamanca approached PRiSE to deploy a Single Sign-On based on PAPI technology.

Escenario Inicial

In the initial scenario, the USAL had an identity service (iDUSAL) that unified the accesses to the resources provided, available in its internal network and in the exterior.

This service was based on an PAPI icGPoA, connected to an corporative directory and that depended on the RedIRIS Identity (SIR) completely, working as an interconnection point between the protected resources and the USAL

The goal of this project was to delete this dependence stablishing an own Single Sign-On.

In order to achieve this goal, PRiSE developed a software, in PHP language and with an Apache 2.0 License, called adAS (advanced Authentication Server).

This software, allows to incorporate several resources, developed in different protocolos: PAPI v1, SAML 1.1/Shibboleth 1.3 y SAML 2.0.

Escenario USAL con adAS

Thanks to the management web interface and the posibility to include several data sources to authenticate and manage the attributes, it has been posible to connect in an easy and flexible way applications in PHP language (with a phpPoA), jsp language (with a papiFilter), directories protected with Apache (papiPoA and mod_papi), SAML applications (with SimpleSAMLphp) and the incorporation of .NET and Oracle SSO plugins.

If you want more information about this software, you can visit its web page.