Málaga University

The University of Málaga contacted PRiSE to deploy a Single Sign-On in its infrastructure.

The university of Málaga had an authentication an authorization infrastructure based on PAPI and SAML technologies. As Identity Provider they had a simpleSAMLphp that authenticated the user and issued its attributes to the applications.

Also, they had a GPoA taylor-made integrated in the simpleSAMLphp in order to issue authentication responses with the PAPI protocol.

This university is registered, among others, in the CONFÍA Federation, that works with SAML 2.0 technology, in the SIR Federation, based on PAPI. Because this two federations, it was required that the Single sign-On worked with both protocols.

PRiSE installed and configured adAS in the university in order to replace its old Identity Provider structure, simpleSAMLphp and the PAPI connector. With adAS, only one software of authentication and authorization would be used, simplifying its scenario.

Besides the basic features of adAS, it was required to develop the following characteristics for adAS

  • OCU Applications connector
  • STORK Connector
  • DNIe and FNMT Authentication
  • WAYF develpment
  • ePTID support, attribute schemas and the possibility of configure output filters for the attributes sent to the resources.

Now the system makes around 15.000 authentications/day.