PRiSE es an international reference on Identity Federations

The identity federation connect organizations included in it allowing their users to access shared resources identifying themselves only in their organizations.

The identity federations are composed by a set of identity providers that have got the user's information. Besides the identity providers, the federations offer resources to the users, called service providers.

In order to be operative, a Identity Federation must establish trust relationships between the organizations included in it. This requires the generation of agreements and service policies that allow the communication among the participant organizations.

This kind of federated architecture offers several benefits, such as the simplicity of the user's accounts management in external organizations or the decrease of requests of access to the service providers.

PRiSE has work in national and international projects, deploying and managing identity federations.

The services that PRiSE offers in these fields:

  • Design and set into production of identity federations: Designing the infrastructure and the technologies to use, establishing trust relationships between organizations or defining the service policy.

  • Privacy and Identity of the federation users: In a federation it is send the information of the user that is accessing, therefore it is required the signing of contracts, the consent of the user to send its information or the creation of an opaque identifier for each user that maintains the sent information, among other measures.

  • Analysis about the viability of a federation: there are cases when a federation it is not required to connect various federations and it is possible to connect them by delegated authentication.

PRiSE develops a federation software called adAS. For more information about this product, visit its web page.