PRiSE deploys Single Sign-On in all kinds of organizations:

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an centralized authentication process that allow the users to access to different applications depending on the privileges granted to them. These privileges are based on the information included in its credentials. Therefore, when the user has been authenticated in the organization, it won't be necessary to authenticate again when accessing to another applications.

The deployment of a Single Sign-On service in an organization it is not trivial, because it is based on the digital identity management processes and on the interoperability possibilities of the deployed applications.

The benefits provided by an SSO are:

  • Productivity improvement due to the decrease of time that the user will need to access to any application. An SSO minimize the time of authentication in several applications and the events related to the recovery and forget of the user's passwords.
  • Central Authentication and authorization. The users interact with a central point of authentication each application access, simplifying the digital identity management, the log of activities and the control access policies, which are based on the user's attributes.
  • Security improvement, thanks to the fact of remembering only one pair user/password and thanks to having a central point of authentication, decreasing the posibility of a phising attack. In this case, the user knows the only point of authentication where its personal information would be requested.
  • Decreasing of the costs of a helpdesk or a Users attention center due to the high decrease if the events related to passwords management.

PRiSE has wide experience in the deployment of Single Sign-On services in organizations of all kinds using, essentially, the adAS software, developed by its technological department. For more information about this SSO software, visit its web page.

If you need to know the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the Return on Investment (ROI) of the deployment of an SSO Service using adAS, you can download this document.