PRiSE provides all the infrastructure required to have a complete Virtual Library

The Virtual Libraries allow the users of an organization to access e-journals, e-books and, in general, the information digitally available. Because of its high amount of contents, it is often to use thematic data bases that allow to search inside a catalogue available in each organization.

These bibliographic resources are stored, usually in the publishers servers. Therefore, it is required to stablish a technological infrastructure to enable the publishers to authorize the resource's use and reading.

With the goal of deploy and manage virtual libraries at a low cost and to use the minimum technical infrastructure, PRiSE launch deBiblio, a cloud service that offers the following benefits:

  • Mobility, giving access to the resources from any place or device, usen rewriting technology for resources that don't allow federated access by SAML or Athens.
  • Minimum technical dependency, where all the infrastructure it is on the cloud.
  • Access management, authenticating in the own organization and allowing to define the groups of users that will be able to access the resources.
  • Use analysis, where the administrators of the virtual libraries will obtain statistical reports about how much it is used, depending on the defined profiles and to compare the user with the cost of the subscriptions to the resources.

For more information about this cloud service, visit its web page.