The adaptation service of PRiSE involves:
  • Previous analysis, current status and requirements

  • File management: identification and registry in the AGPD or in an specific regional agencies

  • Contracts and clauses: creation of information and consent clauses. Third part contracts management

  • Information Rights: identification of the personal data gathering and the development of the data protection clauses

  • ARCO Rights: Lifecycle of the ARCO Rights, generation of specific documents.

  • Organization chart of security roles

  • Security measures, recommendations and rules to follow by the company

  • Security Document generation and recommendations for its update

  • Training for the staff: online, through manuals or on-site training

  • First internal audit to evaluate the management and development of this service.

  • Deliverables for the clients in order to be used in audits done by regional agencies or the AGPD or to inform the new staff of the LOPD proceedings, etc.
SIf you don't know the needs of your company to adapt it to the law, evaluate yourself in this application provided by PRiSE.